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Apache Today -- HTML Guidelines for contributed stories:

Thanks to HTML-based security exploits, all submission forms on Linux Today go a basic filter which only allows the following tags:

BOLD These are represented with the <B> and </B> tags.

ITALIC These are represented with the <I> and </I> tags.

UNDERLINE These are represented with the <U> and </U> tags.

BREAK These are represented with the <BR> tag.

EMPHASIS These are represented with the <EM> and the closing </EM> tag.

STRONG These are represented with the <STRONG> and the closing </STRONG> tag.

A HREF [anchor tags]

Anchor tags take one of two forms (for the purposes of Apache Today):

<A HREF="">


<A HREF="">


[1]You don't need to specify anchor tags -- our filter will auto-magically add them to your links for you. Please enter URL's with the http: prefix, and it finds and does the rest for you.

[2]All other tags, Java-script, web-TV specific enhancements, embedded Cobol and active/viral-X will be filtered and either exposed or removed. Please don't bother with silly tricks in other words. It's pretty straight-forward, we just want some text and some highlighting, that's all.

Apache Today -- Talkback Moderation:

Our news content is designed in such a way as to provide not just a place to find news, but also a place for the community to gather and act upon that news. Our talkback system is a big part of the mechanism that provides this capability.

We moderate all talkbacks, and we screen for profanity, first-posts, mind-less insults, flame-inducing language and trolling (the act whereby a person states factually confusing statistics in an attempt to satisfy their employer's need for world domination). In short, keep it honest, to the point, on topic and polite. Funny and enthusiastic are always nice qualities in a public feedback item as well.

Even with these guide-lines in mind, we still post items that are likely someone's (sometimes mis-guided) opinion. Opinions in talkbacks, even anti-Linux ones, are allowed. In fact, that's part of what talkbacks are for -- to have a place state opinions and facts. They can't all be gems, and we realize this. But we draw the line at outright flame, SPAM and profanity.

The same HTML guidelines apply to talkbacks as apply to contributed stories.

Blatant advertisements for company products by employees of those companies can be found at times in talkbacks. This is frowned upon by our staff, and if it becomes annoying or obvious, the talkback may be deleted before post.

In general, we cast a dim view upon anything that tries to be in the slightest way, deceptive. The Linux and Open Source / Free Software movements are many things, but first and foremost among the qualities are honesty and objectivity. We may not always succeed at holding to these goals, but we strive to do it, and we appreciate your support.

Have a nice day from the Apache Today management.

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