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Apache JServ 1.1.2 Released
(Jun 19th, 12:27:26 )

[ Thanks to for this link. ]

Apache JServ 1.1.2 has been released.


This version fixes some annoying bugs in the previous release.


In the last release, we announced that further development has been discontinued and some confusion has resulted because of this new release.

Discontinued further development does not mean that new releases will not happen, what it means is that if there are bugs or features that others want to contribute, we will accept them, but they must be fully tested prior to submission. It also means that the current Apache JServ active developers are not going to be adding feature related enhancements unless absolutely required (ie: they border on being considered bugs vs. features). I hope this clarifies the status of Apache JServ development.

Please note that the Apache/Jakarta/Tomcat (ie: Servlet 2.2 Engine) project is coming along extremely well and there is a 3.2 release scheduled soon. Those of us on the Apache JServ team recommend exploring the use of this engine as it supports the latest specifications and has a much larger active developer base. In other words, this software is the future of Servlet and JSP development. Kudo's to Sun and everyone else for releasing this code and helping build an extremely successful project.


p.s. Expect a Win32 and RPM's distribution on our site soon (next couple of days). Currently, there is only the .tar.gz unix distribution.


-jon stevens

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