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IT World: Apache 2.0 Web server puts on new threads - Threaded multiprocess modes will improve request dispatch on Unix
(Jan 16th, 22:53:34 )

"The upcoming version of the popular Apache Web server is being scrutinized by interested Web developers; it incorporates important new features to meet the intense processing requirements of today's busy Websites."

"One particularly welcome addition to Apache 2.0, now in alpha release but expected to 'go beta' soon, is support for threaded multiprocess modes for basic request handling and dispatching on the Unix platform. (Windows-ready versions of Apache already supported such threading.)"

"Open source Apache software is very popular among Web, or HTTP, servers. According to Internet consultancy Netcraft, Apache currently holds about 60 percent of the Web server market, followed by Microsoft's IIS with about 20 percent and Sun/Netscape/AOL's iPlanet with 6.75 percent. Created by many volunteers, Apache continues to support extended and basic modules that enhance Websites' support of complex software interactions."

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