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PHPBuilder: Controlling PHP Output: Caching and compressing dynamic pages
(Jan 25th, 17:54:20 )

"mod_gzip is an Apache module which compresses static html pages using Gzip, according to IETF standards for browsers that accept gzip enconding (IE, Netscape, etc). mod_gzip may accelerate the download time for pages 4/5 times and I strongly suggest you use mod_gzip in your webserver. However, due to a lack of a filtering mechanism between modules in Apache 1.x.x, there is no way to compress PHP generated output using mod_gzip. Therefore, we have to build our own compressing engine in PHP. In this article, I will explain how to use PHP output controlling functions to make your pages load FAST!"

"One of the best things in PHP4 is that you can tell PHP to buffer all of the output generated in the script, so no content is sent to the browser, until you decide to send it. You can use this function to use header and setcookie functions, wherever you want in your script. However, this is only a small advantage of the powerful output functions."

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