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Take23: Introduction to EmbperlObject
(Feb 8th, 22:34:40 )

"Embperl is a tool which allows you to embed Perl code in your HTML documents. As such, it could by itself handle just about everything you need to do with your website. So what is the point of EmbperlObject? What does it give us that we don't already get with basic Embperl?"

"As often seems to be the case with Perl, the answer has to do with laziness. We would all like the task of building websites to be as simple as possible. Anyone who has had to build a non-trivial site using pure HTML will have quickly experienced the irritation of having to copy-and-paste common code between documents - stuff like navigation bars and table formats. We have probably all wished for an "include" HTML tag. EmbperlObject goes a long way toward solving this problem, without requiring the developer to resort to a lot of customized Perl code."

"In a nutshell, EmbperlObject extends Embperl by enabling the construction of websites in a modular, or object-oriented, fashion. ..."

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