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Jakarta Velocity 1.0 Released
(Apr 2nd, 14:42:44 )

[ Thanks to for this link. ]

The Jakarta Velocity project is pleased to announce the release of version 1.0 of the Velocity template engine.

Velocity is a powerful template engine written in Java and released as open source software under the Apache Software License. Ideal for web development, it's a great alternative to JSP, ASP, PHP and other dynamic server-side web technologies because if its simple template language and strong enforcement of the MVC design pattern. Useful for general templating tasks such as the generation of source code, SQL, and XML documents, as well as XSLT-like XML processing, it is a great addition to any Java developer's toolbox.

Sun's Dot-Com Builder developer site currently features a product profile of Velocity.

For more information, including the v1.0 release of Velocity, please visit the Velocity home page.

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