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InstantXML turns Java apps into web services
(Apr 9th, 17:51:54 )

Tradia, a web services software company, announced InstantXML, new developer software that automatically turns Java-based applications into web services that can interoperate with other Internet platforms such as Microsoft .NET. Unveiled at SD2001's Web Services World conference, InstantXML is designed to help Java developers publish and consume web services without requiring expertise in emerging web service standards such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.

"Tradia's Instant XML increases the value of developers' applications by providing interoperability between Java, UNIX and Microsoft .NET platforms," said John Montgomery, lead product manager for Web Services at Microsoft. "Java developers can enjoy all the reach of Web Services standards such as SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL."

InstantXML is designed for Java developers and HTML developers who want to publish existing applications as web services or create and consume new web services. Written fully in Java, InstantXML exposes existing Java applications as web services without requiring code modification. All XML and Java code required to consume web services is automatically generated. The easy conversion allows developers to extend their previous development investments to a broader range of web platforms.

"InstantXML provides a rapid way to increase the return on your investment in existing Java applications and web services and offers an interoperability path between Java and other Internet platforms," said Jens Christensen, president and CEO of Tradia, Inc. "Developers can now take advantage of the emerging web service standards without requiring time consuming training or re-coding."

Flexible, Open Standards-Based Architecture

InstantXML fully supports web service standards including XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. It is fully written in Java and supports J2SE applications and applets, JSP pages and J2EE. InstantXML is certified for Sun Solaris 7 with JavaSoft JDK 1.3 and Microsoft Windows 2000 with JavaSoft JDK 1.3. InstantXML can be deployed with any Java Servlet 2.1-compliant engine and is certified to work with Apache Group's Tomcat 3.2.1 and Allaire's JRun 3.0. A version certified for the Linux platform and the WebLogic application server will be available shortly.

Available now through Tradia's pilot program, InstantXML will be available to all developers in June 2001.

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