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Developer Works: Zope for the Perl/CGI programmer
(May 18th, 17:07:32 )

"Under Zope, though, pages are objects in the Zope database. Zope maps URLs onto objects using a folder concept. The contents of pages are still HTML, but it's HTML with panache: it can embed active content right into the HTML. So instead of having two fundamentally different kinds of things making up your Web site (in other words, static HTML files and active CGI programs), you simply have a bunch of Zope page objects. nstead of having programs embedding pieces of HTML in them, you have HTML embedding pieces of program, effectively. This is called templating and it's controlled using DTML (Document Template Markup Language), which extends HTML with object-oriented specifications. It's a lot like SSI (server-side includes) but much more flexible, as you'll see later. Other similar technologies are ASP and JSP, and if you've worked with HTML::Mason in combination with mod_perl, this isn't going to come as any great surprise, either."

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