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ComputerWorld: Open source databases bloom
(Sep 13th, 18:03:58 )

"All of the packages come with open-source licenses, an option that often makes them free to obtain, but new options for purchasing support are evolving as companies try to undercut the major proprietary competitors. Everyone is acutely aware of the high cost of packages from Oracle Corp. and IBM, and several major players are trying to sell sophisticated support with open-source databases."

"... Calvin Dodge, a database developer at Linko Data Systems Inc. in Lakewood, Colo., says the advantages of slick, polished and professional databases are overstated for everything except small projects. Dodge argues - and many other developers agree - that the difference disappears once you need to start writing code. All databases, both proprietary and open source, require some time to learn their quirks, he says. "

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