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Linux Magazine: Scripting the Web with PHP
(Sep 21st, 19:42:59 )

"There is nothing more frustrating than trying to solve a problem with a set of ill-fitting tools. In fact, sometimes the best solution is just to design a better tool. This was the situation back in 1994 when PHP was born. Originally, PHP was little more than a library of C code built to ease the tedium of writing hundreds of CGI programs. A simple parser would scan through an HTML file looking for specific tags and replace those tags with the output of a function called in the C library."

"The best way to learn PHP is to try using it. There are dozens of books available, and the online documentation is available in 12 languages. There are also a number of very active mailing lists to help out beginners and advanced users alike. The Resources sidebar contains a list of the essential sites."

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