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Apache 1.3.22 Released
(Oct 12th, 16:57:01 )

The Apache Software Foundation and The Apache Server Project are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.22 of the Apache HTTP server. Apache version 1.3.21 was never released; this Announcement details the cumulative changes in 1.3.21 and 1.3.22.

This version of Apache is principally a security fix release which closes some problems where a directory listing could be obtained instead of the default index page. A summary of the bug fixs and major new features is given at the end of this document.

We consider Apache 1.3.22 to be the best version of Apache available and we strongly recommend that users of older versions, especially of the 1.1.x and 1.2.x family, upgrade as soon as possible. No further releases will be made in the 1.2.x family.

Apache 1.3.22 is available for download from

Please see the CHANGES_1.3 file in the same directory for a full list of changes.

Binary distributions are available from

The source and binary distributions are also available via any of the mirrors listed at

As of Apache 1.3.17, Win32 binary distributions are now based on the Microsoft Installer (.MSI) technology. This change occured in order to resolve the many problems WinME and Win2K users experienced with the older InstallShield-based installer.exe file. While development continues to make this new installation method more robust, questions should be directed at the newsgroup.

As of Apache 1.3.12 binary distributions contain all standard Apache modules as shared objects (if supported by the platform) and include full source code. Installation is easily done by executing the included install script. See the README.bindist and INSTALL.bindist files for a complete explanation. Please note that the binary distributions are only provided for your convenience and current distributions for specific platforms are not always available.

For an overview of new features introduced after 1.2 please see

In general, Apache 1.3 offers several substantial improvements over version 1.2, including better performance, reliability and a wider range of supported platforms, including Windows NT and 2000 (which fall under the "Win32" label), OS2, Netware, and TPE threaded platforms.

Apache is the most popular web server in the known universe; over half of the servers on the Internet are running Apache or one of its variants.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WIN32 USERS: Over the years, many users have come to trust Apache as a secure and stable server. It must be realized that the current Win32 code has not yet reached the levels of the Unix version, but is of acceptable quality. Win32 stability or security problems do not reflect on the Unix version.

Apache 1.3.20 - 1.3.22 Major changes

Security vulnerabilities

The security issues above have been assigned standardized names, CAN- by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (

New features

The main new features in 1.3.22 (compared to 1.3.20) are: New features that relate to specific platforms:

Bugs fixed

The following bugs were found in Apache 1.3.20 and have been fixed in Apache 1.3.22:

The following bugs relate to specific platforms:

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