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IDM: PHP From an IT Manager's Perspective
May 31, 2000, 19 :47 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (192 reads)

"What have sprint.ca, livebid.amazon.com, xoom.com, and mp3.lycos.com in common? All employ one of the Web's hottest server-side technologies: PHP, the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. The first advantage of PHP was one common to many Open Source projects: It simply delivered, while other technologies were still vapor ware. PHP pre-dates ASP, Mod_Perl, and ColdFusion by at least 12 months. As this article shows, PHP over the years had the opportunity to strengthen its core base and to integrate more features, and provides today a base that can easily stand out in the increasingly crowded server-side application development-platform market."

Complete Story.

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