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mod_perl Guide Version 1.24 Released
Jun 8, 2000, 10 :09 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (563 reads)

mod_perl Guide Version 1.24 Jun 7, 2000 has been released.

The online version:

The PDF version: 631pages (1,810KB compressed)

The sources at CPAN:

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/S/ST/STAS/Apache-mod_perl_guide-1.24.tar.gz
  size: 526902 bytes
   md5: 0df696c91cf252254f2b442ff506b662

The CVS sources, the latest snapshots at:

The Changes:

New 2 search engines and splitted version of the Guide. Vivek's version is
almost up to date, Randy's is not. So please use Vivek's version for
search. The search form is at

If any of corrections/notes didn't enter this version, I promise to put
it in on the next release.

06.07.2000 ver 1.24

* perl: "catching exceptions" -- a few corrections (Matt Sergeant)

* modules: added Apache::Gzip (Ken Williams)

* guide's design

  o put back the links underlining

  o background-color: #ffffee;

  o added (jump) menus to reach search/download/index from everywhere
  o added the two new search engines (both working on the split
    version of the guide)

* guide's build: 

  o The build code was completely rewritten, html2ps is now bundled
    with the guide so one can create PS version, and if there is
    ps2pdf the PDF version.

  o It can produce the split version of the Guide.

  o One can easily reuse the package to build his own docs, since the
    look-n-feel has been moved into the templates from the code.

  o Once I feel confident I'll probably separate the build code from
    the Guide to give it its own life and make it easier to reuse by
    other developers. I need testers who want to use this package
    before I release it a separate module.

* performance: 

  o old sections rewritten/improved:
    - Are My Variables Shared?
    - Preloading Registry Scripts
    - Calculating Real Memory Usage
    - Preloading Perl Modules at Server Startup 
    -  Preloading Registry Scripts at Server Startup 
    - Forking and Executing Subprocesses from mod_perl 
      = Spawning a Detachable Sub-Process
      = Gory Details About fork()
      = Executing system() in the Right Way
      = Avoiding Zombie Processes

  o new sections:
    - Apache/mod_perl Build Options
      = mod_perl Process Size as a Function of Compiled in C Modules and
               mod_perl Features
    - Modules Initializing at Server Startup
      = Initializing (corrections by Tim Bunce)
      = Initializing

* control: 

  o These sections were rewritten and extended:
    - Server Maintenance Chores 
        = Handling Log Files 
          + Log Rotation 
          + Non-Scheduled Emergency Log Rotation 

  o 'cyclog' is now called multilog (from daemontools package)

  o Moved from debug and rewritten "Speeding up the Apache Termination
    and Restart"

  o Rewritten and extended "SUID Start-up Scripts" with: 
    "Introduction to SUID Executables"
    "Apache Startup SUID Script's Security"
    "Sample Apache Startup SUID Script"

* hardware: partly rewritten and improved.

* reconstruction process: obvious.pod has been disassembled and merged
  into debug.pod.

* debug: update: Apache::DumpHeaders (Ask Bjoern Hansen)

* troubleshooting: PerlFreshRestart is irrelevant for DSO (Vivek
  Khera, Doug)

* review: 

  o Drew Taylor has reviewed these chapters: scenario and strategy

  o Mark Summerfield has reviewed these chapters: scenario, perl and
    strategy chapters.

  o Eric Cholet has reviewed the porting chapter.

* Minor corrections: 
  o download (Salve J Nilsen)
  o performance (w trillich) 
  o perl (Scott Holdren) 
  o snippets+download (Ask Bjoern Hansen) 
  o debug (Robert Mathews) 
  o scenario (Tuomas Salo)

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