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PHP Tutorial: Using ADODB to port your MySQL code
Dec 17, 2000, 15 :14 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (1224 reads) (Other stories by John Lim)

"PHP is all about creating dynamic web-sites with the least fuss and the most fun. To create these websites we need to use databases to retrieve login information, to splash dynamic news onto the web page and store forum postings. So let's say we were using the popular MySQL database for this. Your company has done such a fantastic job that the Web site is more popular than your wildest dreams. You find that MySQL cannot scale to handle the workload; time to switch databases."

"Unfortunately in PHP every database is accessed slightly differently. To connect to MySQL, you would use mysql_connect(); when you decide to upgrade to Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, you would use ocilogon() or mssql_connect() respectively. What is worse is that the parameters you use for the different connect functions are different also.. One database says po-tato, the other database says pota-to. Oh-oh."

"A database wrapper library such as ADODB comes in handy when you need to ensure portability. It provides you with a common API to communicate with any supported database so you don't have to call things off."

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Apache Week issue 241 (6th April 2001)

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