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PHPeverywhere: Comparing PHP with Perl for Dynamic Web Pages
Jan 5, 2001, 18 :02 UTC (1 Talkback[s]) (1334 reads) (Other stories by John Lim)

"It's impossible to remain totally impartial about wine. It's even worse when we talk about programming languages, particular ones as popular as Perl and PHP. You just cannot be impartial, so I have to admit that I like PHP better."

"Perl is one of the most useful programming languages ever created. The email system I use at work is glued together by Perl scripts. The regular expression support in Perl is the best in the world. I have used Matt Wright's FormMail (who hasn't?) However for generating web pages Perl has a lot of deficiencies compared to PHP. ..."

"... If you are a Perl expert, Perl probably is the best software for generating dynamic HTML because you can leverage all your experience and do work quickly."

Complete Story

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 Talkback(s) Name  Date
You cannont compare Perl with PHP. Perl is a programming language. PHP is some s ...   Perl ne PHP   
  Jan 9, 2001, 22:29:24
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