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PR: Distinguished Faculty at XML DevCon Spring 2001 to Present Technical Program About ebXML, UDDI, WebServices, and Enterprise XML
Jan 9, 2001, 21 :37 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (672 reads)

Camelot Communications Corp. announced today the technical program for XML DevCon Spring 2001 will include a distinguished faculty and instruction about emerging technologies and eBusiness initiatives, including Web Services, ebXML, and UDDI. XML DevCon Spring 2001 will be held April 8-11, 2001 at the Marriott Marquis, New York City. Updates may be found at

The program includes tutorials, panel discussions and workshops about ebXML and UDDI, two maturing initiatives for defining a global eBusiness infrastructure. ebXML is a joint venture between the United Nations and Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). UDDI is an eBusiness registration initiative from IBM, Microsoft, Ariba and 80 partner organizations.

XML DevCon Spring 2001 will feature 21 pre-conference tutorials and six tracks of classes, workshops, and panel discussions. The distinguished faculty includes Tim Bray (Seybold Fellow and Co-editor of the XML specification), Dr. Peter Chen (ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, invited W3C expert, and father of the Entity-Relationship Model), Paul Cotton (Chair of the W3C XML Query Working Group), Eve Maler (Co-editor of the W3C XLink specification), Jim Melton (Editor of the ISO SQL Specification), Norbert Mikula (author of the first validating XML parser), David Orchard (Co-editor of the XLink and XInclude specifications), Jonathan Robie (Co-designer of the Quilt query language), and James Tauber of the UDDI Advisory Board.

Highlights of the program include keynote presentations by Tim Bray, Norbert Mikula, and Mark Colan, panel discussions and best practices workshops, and three days of classes for developers interested in XML APIs, specifications, and related technologies such as middleware, databases, and Java. The program begins on April 8 with 21 pre-conference tutorials. The agenda for April 9-11 includes 96 classes, workshops, and panel discussions organized in six tracks ("Developer Techniques", "Java and Scripting", "Applied XML, EAI, eBiz", "Wireless and Messaging", "Servers and Middleware", and "Query, Schema, Database").

Panel discussions and workshops include:

  • Web Services, ebXML, UDDI, & Trading Partner Agreements with James Tauber, Mark Colan, and David Turner, moderated by Justin Kestelyn
  • The Importance of XML with Tim Bray, Norbert Mikula, David Orchard, and Jon Udell, moderated by Ken North
  • eBusiness Problems and Solutions (Bruce Peat, David RR Webber, Benoit Marchal)
  • XML Query (Paul Cotton, Peter Fankhauser, Jonathan Robie, Michael Rys, Jerome Simeon)
  • Stylesheets and Transformations: Best Practices (Kurt Cagle, Bob DuCharme, David Marston, Steve Muench

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