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Apache-based Secure Web Server With 128-Bit SSL Encryption for Windows and Linux by AbriaSoft
Feb 20, 2001, 22 :06 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (2277 reads)

FREMONT, Calif. -- Feb. 20, 2001 -- AbriaSoft(TM), an Open Source software solutions provider, announced today the release of its Apache powered Lancelot server for Windows and Linux platforms. With this release, AbriaSoft achieved another landmark by becoming the first company to launch a commercial grade Apache-based web server solution for the Microsoft Windows platform.

"Lancelot provides the scalability, reliability, security and performance that mission-critical e-commerce sites need. This makes the product a must for any firm or individual that is planning an e-commerce site deployment," says Paul Afshar, Chief Executive Officer of AbriaSoft. "The product is a strong competitor to Covalent's Raven, and RedHat's Stronghold server, and is much more attractively priced than either of these products," he added.

Lancelot is a secure commercial grade SSL web server with full-strength, 128-bit encryption. Support for server side scripting is provided in the form of a Perl module, and the product supports easy scripted access to many databases.

Lancelot server includes mod_dav, which is an apache module that allows developers to use distributed web authoring tools to build websites without interfering with the work of other developers. DAV also allows for seamless secure connections to websites, speeding up the design and implementation process. The product includes support for Industry standard protocols such as SSL v.2.0 and v.3.0 (through OpenSSL, an open source implementation of Secure Sockets Layer) and Transport Layer Security v.1.0. Other important features include support for bandwidth control and FrontPage extensions. Lancelot server comes with extensive documentation, electronic installation manual and a 30-day installation support for registered customers. This product is now available at AbriaSoft's web site (

About AbriaSoft

AbriaSoft ( is an Open Source development solutions provider committed to furthering development of the Open Source software community. AbriaSoft offers a full range of products and services, including distributions, applications, support programs, consulting and corporate training for a growing list of Open Source products that currently includes MySQL, Apache, Perl and PHP. AbriaSoft is the first company to offer a commercial distribution of the MySQL database.

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