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The February 2001 Netcraft Survey is Out: Apache Gains Market Share
Mar 1, 2001, 05 :24 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (5608 reads) (Other stories by Kevin Reichard)

     The February 2001 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out;


                                Top Developers                                 
         Developer January 2001  Percent February 2001  Percent Change         
         Apache         16207982   58.75       16871744   59.99   1.24         
         Microsoft       5903512   21.40        5523943   19.64  -1.76         
         iPlanet         1772154    6.42        1788532    6.36  -0.06         
                                  Top Servers                                  
           Server        January 2001 Percent February 2001 Percent Change     
     Apache                  16207982   58.75      16871744   59.99   1.24     
     Microsoft-IIS            5901507   21.39       5522069   19.63  -1.76     
     Netscape-Enterprise      1733097    6.28       1751123    6.23  -0.05     
     WebLogic                 1004571    3.64       1039605    3.70   0.06     
     Zeus                      693684    2.51        801215    2.85   0.34     
     Rapidsite                 371441    1.35        380217    1.35   0.00     
     thttpd                    343172    1.24        367724    1.31   0.07     
     tigershark                150937    0.55        166465    0.59   0.04     
     AOLserver                 127980    0.46        153296    0.55   0.09     
     WebSitePro                113480    0.41        114655    0.41   0.00     
                                 Active Sites                                  
         Developer January 2001  Percent February 2001  Percent Change         
         Apache          6380004   58.49        6716312   58.82   0.33         
         Microsoft       2682869   24.59        2776159   24.31  -0.28         
         iPlanet          263588    2.42         278738    2.44   0.02         

  Around the Net
   Last month's [1]analysis of SSL topology drew comments from sources
   including [2] and and a wide range of questions from
   users of the site. Several people commented that they had expected
   that Linux would by now be well established as a platform for secure
   The answer is that technology preferences can vary quite widely from
   country to country, even for quite specific functions such as
   ecommerce. Linux is the most widely used operating system for SSL
   transactions in Japan, and also Germany, where it overtook Microsoft
   in June 2000.
   However, Microsoft leads strongly in English speaking countries, with
   around 55% share in each of the US & the UK.
   English speaking countries make up the lion's share of secure servers,
   with around 75% of ecommerce sites registered in the US, UK, Canada,
   and Australia.
 Dedicated server companies make inroads into CoLo market
   Another striking feature of SSL Servers is their changing location.
   Although [3]Exodus and [4]Digex are the leading locations for SSL
   Sites, dedicated server companies including [5]Interland, [6]Verio,
   [7]Innerhost, [8]Data Return, [9]Interliant, are now also strongly
   represented. The convinience and cost effectiveness of the dedicated
   server companies, seems to be gaining share to the determine of the
   first generation colocation companies.



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