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HP introduces software and services to promote secure e-commerce, including Apache support
Apr 9, 2001, 15 :35 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (461 reads)

PRESS RELEASE -- Hewlett-Packard today announced enhanced security software, services and alliances to help businesses secure their e-commerce environments, prevent intrusions and protect against attacks in real-time.

"To fulfill today's Web security requirements, businesses need cross-platform solutions that are flexible, integrated and easily deployed," said Roberto Medrano, general manager, HP Internet Security Solutions Division. "With the software and services announced today, HP continues to lead the market in securing and protecting enterprise infrastructures."

HP announced the following security products, services and alliances:

  • HP Virtualvault 4.5, a newly enhanced version of HP's multi-layered, secure operating system, now integrates Apache-based Web servers and provides integration with the HP Bluestone Total-e-server and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). HP Virtualvault is used worldwide for intrusion prevention, real-time attack protection and secure access. HP Virtualvault 4.5 delivers security for wireless applications that are integrated with Nokia and 724 wireless gateways.
  • HP Webproxy 2.0 simplifies HP Virtualvault implementation and extends its proven technology by providing secure, low-cost, front-end protection to Web servers running a variety of different platforms, including Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms. HP Webproxy 2.0 is particularly designed for Apache-based Web servers.
  • HP Webproxy Express Service further simplifies implementation and integration of HP Virtualvault and HP Webproxy by delivering a fast, complete, fixed-price implementation of HP Webproxy.
  • Announced through the HP Virtualvault Integrated Solution Alliance Program are two new alliances for globally supported, integrated technology solutions: one with Baltimore SelectAccess, for access control, and the other with 724 Wireless Internet Platform, for secure mobile access.
  • Baltimore UniCERT provides a highly secure PKI solution that deploys on and integrates with HP-UX.
  • HP Extranet VPN for HP-UX, enabled by AppGate 3.3 software, secures client-to-server IP traffic with strong encryption -- providing privacy and data integrity -- with no changes to the existing network. It is highly scalable, allowing thousands of simultaneous users to have access to a secure server.
  • HP e-Security Readiness Consulting Service from HP Consulting provides a fast and easy way to make security investment decisions and plan for the security needed to support e-strategies.
  • HP IP Filter is a system firewall that protects HP 9000 systems by examining the small message packages engineered to conserve bandwidth on the Internet, known as IP packets, before granting access to the server. IP packets are granted or denied access to or from the system based on inspection and sophisticated packet-filtering rules.

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