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PR: New Max Server Pages Is Free Server-Side Web Scripting Xbase Option for Apache
May 11, 2001, 21 :13 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (608 reads)

SAN LEANDRO, CA- PlugSys announces immediate availability of Max Server Pages (MSP), the database-oriented server-side scripting product for Linux and Windows web servers.

Using classic Xbase commands and functions, MSP developers quickly access data stored in DBF files and popular SQL databases. From there it's a simple process of blending the results with HTML and Javascript. Max Server Pages Free Edition (MSP/FE) can be downloaded from the company's web site.

Xbase Scripting Language

Max Server Pages addresses a common deficiency in web development. Other server-side languages retrofit database handling syntax and semantics onto a conventional logic engine. These implementations are clumsy and require additional coding effort. Xbase was conceived to be a database development platform. MSP leverages the language to simplify data extraction and result set navigation. The development approach relies on a time-tested cursor-like memory model that PlugSys calls the "virtual DBF."

PHP and ASP developers have provided encouraging feedback during the extensive alpha and beta test of MSP. These programmers appreciate the control and speediness they have discovered in Max Server Pages. MSP installs as a self- contained performance-oriented engine providing dynamic compilation, caching with runtime evaluation capabilities.

Free Edition Functionality

Max Server Pages Free Edition (MSP/FE) provides full functionality. Applications using the Free Edition functionality may be distributed and deployed broadly- at no cost. MSP/FE provides all the functionality of the Professional Edition product. MSP/FE will primarily be used by programmers as a development and testing environment.

MSP/FE limits web access to 3 unique IP users during any 24-hour time period. MSP Professional Edition:

For Demanding Applications

When a web site is ready to be deployed, MSP Professional Edition (MSP/PE) is the appropriate product. MSP/PE imposes no IP connection limitations and adds library interfaces for precompiled code in Xbase, C and C++.

Full Database Connectivity

MSP provides developers with access to all significant data stores:

  • RDBMS- Using the PlugSys ODBC Connector, developers can query and update any SQL database with an ODBC driver. As with all PlugSys products, this capability is supported for Windows and Linux servers. (Red Hat 7.x includes ODBC support. Users of other distributions can obtain documentation and software from http://www.unixodbc.org/.)
  • Xbase data files- The native MSP data engine supports DBF files and its own MTX single-key index format. By adding the PlugSys DBF Extender*, developers can access FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper datafiles. Multiple key index files are supported. And the DBF Extender respects native LAN locking behaviors for each respective environment.

Max Server Pages Benefits

Max Server Pages offers developers numerous benefits:

  • Scalability and portability- The same MSP templates run under Intel Linux and the 32-bit Microsoft platforms. Code security- MSP Professional Edition provides support for precompiled Xbase code libraries (using the Max compiler available free from PlugSys).
  • Easy Linux installation- PlugSys is already winning strong interest from Windows developers migrating to Linux. So, MSP provides a friendly and comprehensive software installer, simplifying the process. (The installation script configures Apache without disrupting any other server-side applications.)
  • "No barriers" Windows development and testing- MSP supports development and testing under Windows 95, 98, ME, XP and NT Workstation. When a developer selects the workstation installation option, PlugSys installs and configures a full Apache web server on his or her computer. Within 5 minutes developers can be testing MSP scripts. Further information (including a feature comparison table) is available at the PlugSys web site (http://www.plugsys.com/).

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PR: New Max Server Pages Is Free Server-Side Web Scripting Xbase Option for Apache

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