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UnixReview: HTTP Benchmarking
Jun 4, 2001, 16 :15 UTC (1 Talkback[s]) (2979 reads) (Other stories by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier)

"When I decided to explore benchmarking Linux Web servers, one of the things that surprised me was the paucity of benchmark programs that are freely available. I expected to find dozens, or even hundreds, of applications for this purpose, but instead I found only a handful."

"Of the applications I found, I chose httperf, a program that generates a variety of workloads for a Web server and measures the server's performance. The program is written in C, and I compiled it on Debian GNU/Linux with no problems. It should compile on any Unix-type OS with the GNU compiler and Make. ..."

Complete Story

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Even if these two programs run only under Windows NT/2000, i think it's wort ...   Web Stressing Tools   
  Jun 5, 2001, 11:43:06
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