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Retro web application framework V1.1.0 release
Dec 11, 2001, 21 :37 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (775 reads)

[ Thanks to for this link. ]

This is to announce the third release of the Retro project (1.1.0).

Retro is a web application framework for C++. It is intended to provide
the same kind of web application development facilities as jsp/servlet
environments, and the IIS ASP environment. In addition, it supports
Application Set Descriptions in XML, has inherent support for XML data
objects (data islands), and has a close affinity with the MySQL

Retro currently runs only on Apache, using the mod_fastcgi module.
It is GNU GPL, and can be found at

The release fixes bugs, and introduces the following new features:

+ Options attribute on the XML page description tag
+ Cached page templates (an option as above)
+ No template operation (i.e. as servlet is to jsp)
+ Extended page flow control syntax
+ Caching of connections to multiple databases per application
+ Optional deferred establishment of database connections
+ Application level naming of XML state data variable
+ Alternate page templates for difficult browsers
+ Improved cookie handling
+ Improved browser-side Javascript for XML data object manipulation
+ Support for browser script encryption (TEA) and SHA1 digests
+ Reworked and more comprehensive substantial example (Open TimeSheets)

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Retro web application framework V1.1.0 release

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